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Deloitte and NYDIG Ramp up Institutional Bitcoin Adoption

Blockchain4Media believes that its combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain controls will provide advertisers greater access to authentic consumer engagement. According to court documents published Wednesday, Ripple Labs filed to move the consolidated class action by XRP investors from state court to federal court, arguing federal court is the proper venue based on the U.S. The plaintiffs are seeking $167.7 million from Ripple Labs in damages. In other litigation news, China-based Bitmain filed a lawsuit against an anonymous hacker for the alleged theft of $5.5 million worth of Bitcoin and other digital assets. Although Bitmain is a China-based company, the lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Late last week, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ordered an individual to pay more than $1.1 million in restitution to his former employer, a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm, and its individual customers.

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Therefore, being Neutral is more appropriate than being bearish, negative or otherwise Short. You see, as Bitcoin grows, it becomes more acceptable to institutional money. And, in turn, the financial infrastructure also grows; think regulations, auditing, compliance.

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“After the strong Q3 performance Bitcoin is now up 49.1% year-to-date,” Bitcoin tweeted in regard to NYDIG data. Order book data from Binance, the largest exchange by volume, meanwhile showed BTC/USD acting in a tight range bordered by sellers at $19,500 and bid interest around $19,150. Material Indicators was referring to Bitcoin’s 21-day moving average at around $19,400, this now potentially coming in for a resistance/ support flip. “We are kicking off October trading in the same congested area we ended September,” on-chain analytics resource Material Indicators wrote in one of several updates on the day. Before going in-depth on how BTC performed over the last 360 days, let’s compare the two charts below. As a result of these conclusions, the drops in January had very little impact on the bull.

The Bitcoin network, according to Cambridge University, consumes more energy than the Philippines as a whole. Van Wrenn of LTi Technology Solutions explains equipment finance businesses… I appreciate your questions; however, as I’m sure you’re aware, the world of crypto is very uncertain right now, mostly, in my opinion due to uncertainties around governmental regulations and intervention. Warren Buffet is on record saying that he wouldn’t pay $25 per Bitcoin?!? So, it is really difficult to predict what companies are going to be doing moving forward, whether with stable coins or other cryptocurrencies.

NYDIG optimistic about Bitcoin

The Optimism Collective will be tasked with not only governing the protocol but also funding public goods. Please check your email to confirm your newsletter subscription, so you can be notified when new content from Compass Mining Research is released. Privacy PolicyTerms of ServicePayment PlanMarketplaceHosting agreementHardware agreement© 2023 Compass mining Inc. In October, Argo Blockchain, Core Scientific and Iris Energy all made headlines around debt repayment issues. For Argo and Core, the options are extremely limited, with both having announced that they could be forced to curtail operations in the very near future.

The last time that CME futures registered a double-digit percentage annualized basis was in April when bitcoin was trading near its all-time high and the basis on offshore exchange OKEx was over 40%. Today the basis premium for futures traded on OKEx versus CME has flipped to a discount as CME futures are now trading at a basis premium for the first time. While the Tornado Cash protocol is certainly used by hackers and other criminals to conceal the origins of illicit funds, the protocol also provides a valuable service for everyday Ethereum users that simply want to protect their privacy. For example, a buyer of a highly publicized NFT might not want to disclose their entire history of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain has no built-in privacy functionality and has a fully transparent ledger akin to Bitcoin. The bearishness within the cryptocurrency market heightened on fears that the hacker who stole cryptocurrencies worth about $477m from FTX, as reported by blockchain crime analytics firm Elliptic, may soon start dumping the stolen assets in the open market.

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Pesok added that there is growing support among regulators and both political parties to address stablecoins, and this is an arena in the crypto industry that is likely to receive relatively swift and, hopefully, constructive regulation. Likewise, Chou was skeptical about many of the Ethereum-based DeFi options available today, while remaining cautiously optimistic about the future of DeFi derivative options. Blockchain-based systems gaining popularity among day traders during the pandemic. Chatting up Square, Afterpay’s Mexico vamoose and more in banking news this week.

Tips for Buying a Home in 2023’s Tough Market

However, there is another extremely important aspect of the crypto crash in 2022. From a global perspective, the macroeconomic outlook and geopolitical instability are at their worst since Bitcoin was launched back in 2009. The biggest source of global uncertainty in the present moment is of course the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. With the help of weapons supplied by the West, Ukraine has seen notable success in regaining some of its occupied territory, but the chances of the conflict ending in the short term appear to be slim at best.

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